The Buying Process
Navigate through your property journey with ease and clarity with our streamlined buying process guide

The allure of Dubai’s real estate market extends to both prospective homeowners and investors alike. Despite enduring a challenging phase spurred by the global pandemic, the market has demonstrated resilience, swiftly rebounding and showing robust growth. Presently, seizing the opportunity to invest in property in Dubai is highly advantageous. While each transaction is unique, the following points serve to clarify the process of acquiring both new developments and existing properties in Dubai.

Buying directly from the developer

When we have identified a suitable option for you, most developers require an EOI (Expression Of Interest) together with a refundable booking token. The size of the token or first down payment varies from developer to developer. Generally ranging from 25,000 AED to 5-10% of the property value.

Another 10-15% of the property's value is usually due within 30 days, and the SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement) is executed and must be signed at that time. If you are abroad, this will be couriered to you and returned to the relevant office in Dubai after signing.

The Dubai Land Department fee, which is equal to 4% of the final purchase price, must also be paid at this point and the property will be registered under your name. Title deed will be issued electronically upon completion of the project.

Developers offer a payment plan during construction or you can opt to pay the property in full on the day of purchase.

Always anticipate 6–12 months for delay from the estimated completion date when purchasing off-plan properties.

Buying a property on the secondary market

The MOU (sales agreement) is written after the desired property is selected and the purchase price is agreed. The sales and purchase agreement between the parties is a standard government contract that follows the Dubai Land Department's guidelines. Payment options include manager's cheques or bank transfers.

The transfer of title from seller to buyer happens at a government approved trustee office. The buyer will pay the seller in modes of a manager cheque or bank transfer through an escrow account set up by the conveyancing company.

Should the buyer not be able to be present at the time of transfer, a power of attorney can be issued to a trusted party to complete the transaction on his or her behalf.

The buyer pays 4% of the purchase value to the Dubai Land Department.

There is a Trustee fee of around 5,000 AED payable from the buyer, which is for the office that manages the transaction and transfer of the title deed to the buyer.

As a standard there is a 2% + 5% VAT commission for the broker which is calculated on the purchase price.

The cost of conveyancing depends on the property being paid by cash or mortgage. Generally ranging from 7,000AED.

In a cash-to-cash transaction, the transaction is typically scheduled to be completed within 30 days (but this can take less time if the buyer and seller are willing and the funds are in the UAE).

If there is a mortgage seller or buyer on the property, the estimated time for completing the transaction is 60 days.