Why invest in Dubai?
Uncover the allure of Dubai's real estate market – a dynamic blend of luxury, growth, and lifestyle

Dubai’s economy is rapidly expanding, solidifying its position as a prime investment destination. The real estate sector, in particular, stands out as exceptionally appealing to investors, offering significant returns, zero property taxes, and the opportunity to obtain a residency visa. With these advantages in mind, now is an opportune moment to consider investing in Dubai’s property market.

No property tax

There is no property tax in the UAE. Nor do you have to pay tax on the income generated from your investment. This is one of the major factors driving foreign investors to the market.

Competitive pricing and rental yields

Though prices continue to rise, the property market in Dubai offers competitive prices compared to Hong Kong, Singapore, London and other major cities in the world. The rental yield is also one of the highest, ranging from 6-10% gross.

Investor visa

Buying a property is an easy way to secure your residency in UAE. Making an investment of only 750K AED will make you eligible for a 2 year visa and investments of 2M AED or more can get you a 10 year Golden Visa. Both of which are easily renewable for as long as you own the property.

Economic growth and stability

Dubai has a stable economy, and promises further growth in the future through economic diversification, good financial reserves and consistent infrastructural developments.


Dubai is the safest city in the world. Effective law enforcement creates a secure environment to live, raise children and invest.

High standard of living

There are many benefits of living in Dubai including safety, broad education system, encouraging business environment, vibrant social life and every service you can think of for a comfortable lifestyle.